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Rivka Oxman
Prof. Rivka Oxman holds the BSc, MSc, and DSc degrees from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Among her recent academic appointments, she has been the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, and the Vice Dean for Teaching of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion. 
Rivka Oxman has been a Visiting Professor at Stanford University, USA and Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands; she has held research appointments at MIT, USA, Berkeley, USA, and Salford University, UK. Among other international academic appointments, she has been involved in research and teaching activities at the University of Sydney, Australia; and Kaiserslautern University in Germany. 
Her recent research interests are related to digital design theory and methodology exploring their contribution to the emergence of new paradigms of architectural design and practice. Together with Robert Oxman she has recently edited a special issue of Architectural Design (AD) entitled, The New Structuralism: Design, Engineering and Architectural Technologies which provides a conceptual framework for a new material practice in architecture.
Rivka Oxman is an Associate Editor of the journal Design Studies - the International Journal for Design Research in Engineering, Architecture, Products and Systems, and has been appointed a Fellow of the Design Research Society (FDRS). In 2003, she received the Design Research Society and Elsevier Science Award for the best paper for her article entitled “The Thinking Eye: Visual Re-cognition in Design Emergence”. 
She is a member of the editorial boards of leading international scientific journals and conferences in the fields of design theories, design research, and design computation. She has published extensively in leading international journals as well as in books and invited chapters in books. 
The New Structuralism
Today the convergence of design, engineering and architectural technologies are breeding a new material practice in architecture. In a pioneering theoretical approach, this important shift is fully defined as a highly dynamic synthesis of emerging principles of spatial, structural and material ordering integrated through the application of materialization and fabrication technologies.
Providing the foundations for a new theory of structuring in architecture, The New Structuralism has broad implications for the way we both conceive and undertake architectural design, as its impact starts to emanate not only across education inter-nationally, but also through architectural research and practice.
The purpose of the lecture is to present the conceptual framework of these emerging relationships between architectural design, design engineering, and fabrication technologies.
Proposing these inter-relations and their interdependencies as an important novel paradigm of design, The New Structuralism will provide a conceptual introduction to the theory and its implications for design discourse and digital practice.
Keynote lecture
Rivka Oxman 
The New Structuralism : Design, Engineering & Architectural Technologies
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