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Chairman’s Message
Dear attendees,

The CF'11 conference offered an high-class program, composed of 5 workshops, 50 speeches, 2 keynote lectures and 18 posters from the most advanced teams in Computer Aided Architectural Design.
You have been 142 attendees, coming from 22 countries and representing 61 institutions, companies or research laboratories. I saw some familiar faces but also some new ones. For most of you it has been your first visit to Liège. I am very pleased you have all been able to join us.

I hope that the conference has been for you an enriching experience in terms of scientific content, ideation and cultural exchange. I further hope that you had an excellent time during this week ,that you enjoyed a stimulating environment and that you have gone back home feeling satisfied of having learned something new.

The LUCID team and I have been very happy to welcome you to Liège throughout the conference and the various social events.

On behalf of the organization committee, I would like to thank everyone involved in the event : 
- my two co-chair, Ann Heylighen and Geneviève Martin, for their continuous support and advice,
- members of the scientific committee for spreading the word,
- reviewers for their huge selection work,
- workshop submitters for their interesting proposals,
- the two keynote speakers, Rivka Oxman and Henry Lieberman, for their exciting lectures
- authors that submitted their papers and have offered very interesting presentations,
- session chair(wo)men who rigorously managed the schedule,
- the three award juriy members for their discerning choices,
- and all attendees for your friendly participation!

The support and the assistance of the University of Liège have made it possible to organize this conference. My personal gratitude goes to the members of the amazing LUCID team for their unfading investment and friendship.

I hope to meet you again at the next CAAD Futures conference.

Pierre Leclercq
Chairman of CAAD Futures 2011
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